Thursday, November 18, 2010

I still love copper...

My son's football team is having their banquet this weekend and I am donating some jewelry for their raffle. I decided on this copper chainmaille necklace with a polymer clay pendant that was made by Stephanie Hanson. I love her work.

Plus, everytime I buy one of her pendants, she donates a percentage to Equine Advocates.

Lots to do...and too little time

I recently joined the Beads of Clay etsy team and was chatting with the representative, and she mentioned that she tweets/blogs/markets her a$$ off and that it is working for her. I definitely see how facebook has worked for me. My shop get hits just by mentioning them on facebook and twitter, when otherwise it might take time for people to find me.

Now, I used to love blogging. I still do. It's just that facebook and twitter takes less time. Or so I thought. When I really sat down and thought about it...I spend a ton of time of facebook when I shouldn't have to. All the games, people popping in and out to chat with, all the crafters and artists to visit and "like" their latest creations.... It can take a lot of time to navigate.

Time that I could be spending blogging.

And so, my resolve is fixed. I will be a better blogger.

Besides, my craft has gone in a whole other direction now. I am making my own stoneware pendants, charms, and ring holders.

Who knew that playing in the mud as a kid and making my sister eat mud pies could lead to this? ;)