Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where is Spring?

LOL I woke up this morning and, instead of rain, I had another coating of snow in my yard. This is getting tedious.

Today is going to be busy though. I have a dentist appointment (lost a filling and I think I swallowed it), I need to finish some jewelry for my craft show on Saturday, and I need to do some cleaning in this house. If I don't, I'll find myself on the show, "Hoarders", pretty soon.

I have been busy shopping too. LOL Mostly items for the craft show. I bought this lovely holster apron that I can keep my money and iphone in. I will be using my iphone to take credit cards this time. I am really excited and hope it helps sales.

I also invested in recycled paper gift bags and logo stickers so customers can leave my table feeling good about their purchase.

I've ordered new earring cards and a few more jewelry display pieces. Let's see, have I forgotten anything.....?