Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I Thought I Could Be, Is Not Possible

OK. To start with, I am the school librarian at my kids' private school and this is my second year. Last year, I was a volunteer so the homeroom teachers sat in with them while they checked out books, read, and/or did homework. This year, I am officially on staff and I have the classes all by myself.

I had the reputation of being a nice, kindly librarian who gently interested the kids in reading and was a friendly type.

This year, I feel as if I am turning into Linda Blair, or the Wicked Witch of the West.

I was hoping they would respect me and the environment and whisper in the library.

Hmmmfff! Not so. The majority of them like to talk loud and run around the room. Last week was so bad and I was so frazzled, that I banned one class from coming back for a week.

They think they can get away with more since I am not an actual teacher, but they are learning the hard way that I won't take misbehavior. It's hard for me to be like that, but with their teachers' help, and some nice little detention slips, I am learning to be more in control of the classes.

I tell you soon as I get home, I am locking myself into my studio/office and making some nice earrings to go with my wire ring. Jewelry-making is so therapeutic.