Friday, August 7, 2009

In Creative Mode

lately, things have been going good for me jewelry-making-wise. I have had success with the ceramic pendants from Melissa at Chinook jewelry. In fact, the day after I posted two necklaces in my etsy shop, they sold! Talk about exciting.

So, I ordered three more pendants from Melissa. It will be fun picking out the color combinations for them.

Oh, and I just found out yesterday that last time I went to my favorite bead store (the day I bought beads for the necklaces mentioned above) I spent waaaaaay more than I intended. $100.00 more!!!! And not on beads.

Yep, I got a traffic ticket and didn't even know it.

It seems that as I was making a right turn on red (didn't see a sign at all) a picture was taken of my car. Why is it some intersections are legal to make a right turn and some aren't? There's so much traffic, sometimes you are so busy making sure it's OK to to turn, that you don't have time or even remember to check for No Right Turn on Red signs. There were none that I saw anyway.

So, lesson learned.

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