Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Pickle or Not to Pickle...

...that is the question. LOL

Now that I am working with copper clay, I find the need to use a pickling solution for the first time. I went and bought my copper clay kit, complete with a cute little mini crockpot, and have it set up in my workroom. I have the pickle solution.

What I don't have is the nerve to use it.

What is a pickling solution? Everytime I think of it, I imagine pickles sitting in a jar. More experienced artists know it to be a caustic solution to take off firescale from certain metals.

Here is a link to tell you all about pickling.

Hence my trepidation.

So, to pickle or not to pickle? Well if I want to finish up that copper jewelry, I must pickle.


A Beaded Affair said...

I'm very interested in copper clay so will be following your progress. One of these days I'll get a kiln so I can play too, lol.
Lots of good luck,

Lydia said...

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Dana said...

Copper clay, so far, has been a little trickier than Art Clay Silver in that you have to fire it longer (I learned the hard way) and you have to pickle it later to get the firescale off. But it can turn out some pretty pieces with a little elbow grease. :)