Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year Y'all!

The new year brings a lot of things: the taking down of the Christmas tree, the packing away of the decorations, new year's resolutions, and the building of Pinewood Derby cars.

The latter being my husband's big ticket item.

It's the one thing every year he really enjoys doing. He and my son collaborate, purchase supplies, and get to building every January 1st so they can compete with the other Scouts and their dads come Pinewood Derby day. And I have to say, they are good at it. Most years, my sons have come in first in their dens and pack.

For me, the new year means making those resolutions that sometimes I never keep, such as weight loss. I always say, "this year I'm gonna lose those thirty pounds!" And it never happens. Instead of making my new year full of anxieties that I won't meet my goal of weight loss, this year I am starting with positive goals. Some fun things that, if I succeed, will contribute to weight loss, a new ability, and business growth.

I only have two resolutions: to become better at wheel-throwing pottery, and learn to bellydance.

That's it.

Doesn't it sound fun???

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