Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tried the New Clay...and Love It!

I've been primarily working in stoneware clay and I do like what I've come up with, however, this last batch of pendants was made with white stoneware, which isn't as dark or sandy as the previous clay. After it is fired, the color of the bisque is nice and white so you can use a clear glaze and get some beautiful results from the natural clay.

This first pendant is made using a rose glaze that comes out almost plummy. The second one is the same glaze, just sponged off the front and glazed in clear.

I think the lighter clay body makes the glazes I've been using much lighter in color and brighter too. I really love how the celadon and pea green mix well together.


Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Amazing how different the glazes look on different clay bodies (I'm discovering the same thing with porcelain then chocolate brown clay - crazy!). I love the brightness!

Dana said...

thanks Marsha! Me too. Stoneware has been nice and earthy, but it is too dark for Springtime. In warm weather, I think I like the white stoneware and porcelain best.